Forex Technical Analysis AUDJPY 27 July

Forex Technical Analysis AUDJPY 27 July

Today, I discuss another low risk selling opportunity on AUDJPY for 27 July. We have a convergence sell zone that includes the 78.6% retracement area, a gap rejection, previous support that turned into resistance along with price action.

Our profit targets consists of fibonacci, support/resistance, trendline and pivots that converge in tight zone. While our risks are small , our potential profit targets are 60 and 100 pips away. Enjoy!

Happy Trading,

Gregory King

Gregory King a foreign currency trader, Fund Manager, and math aficionado. “My cardinal tenet will always be "Keep Trading Simple." I sincerely believe, that in the long run, the market can be exploitable in a few situations if one has the forbearance to stick to the simple fundamentals. Overtrading is the main detriment for the demise of majority of trading careers.
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