Forex Trading. Is it purely for financial gain

Forex Trading. Is it purely for financial gain? Many people have asked the question: Do you get a buzz from forex trading? 

The short answer of course is that yes, it is possible. But the reality of it is if you are engaged in forex trading for emotional satisfaction, you’re probably doing it wrong.

Emotion Versus Logic

If you want to make a success out of forex trading then you simply must decide from the onset why you’re doing it: Are you engaged in forex trading for business, is it for financial expansion? Or are you doing it for fun.

When you’re trading for emotional satisfaction, then when you make a win it’s going to give you some real elation. But in truth, you are going to lose in the long term.


Because emotion clouds your logical vision.

All of the success stories of those who have made a heaped fortune through forex trading come from those who put their emotions to one side and concentrate on the matters in hand. The truth of the matter is that forex trading is not fun – not if you’re trading for success.

When you’re faced with a decision, there are two directions you can take – the logical route and the emotional route. And more often than not, the logical route is going to seem boring, dull and ultimately mind-numbing. But it’s the route that’s going to make you rich.

Why would anybody trade for fun?

It’s a genuine question and it is very important you ask yourself this before you embark on any sort of forex trading journey. Because, let’s face it – if you’re only in it for the fun, then couldn’t you think of more exiting activities to engage in that are more emotionally gratifying than forex trading?

But it does happen… people start forex trading, and the buzz they get from that first big winning trade sucks them into the addicting world of generating a sudden fortune overnight… but it’s these players who end up walking away from the table with empty pockets at the end of it. Why? Forex trading requires patience, dedication and a thorough application of proven strategies and methodologies.

Ultimately… forex trading does create fun

To get to this stage however, you must understand that you have to go through a thorough, logical and meticulous system to get there. The fun doesn’t come from the forex trading itself: The fun comes from all the things you can do with the money after a painstaking journey through the logical world of forex trading.

Want to make a fortune? Forex trading is for you.

Want to play games? Get yourself to an adventure park.

Marius Mass
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