Forex Price Volatility Strategy

The only proven and profitable strategy trading Forex out there is trading Price Volatility.

This section is dedicated to most common Price Volatility setups where you can learn how to determine most optimal entries and exits with risk control, based on key market levels.

I’m sure you heard the story “trade with the trend because trend is your friend”. Until it ends.  But how would you define a trend? What is a trend, where does it start and when does it finish? I’m sure all indicators in the world would show you a trend direction after it had been developed, but how long will it last and where will it reverse, where it will create false signals etc…

Those things are impossible to determine by any mathematical pattern in form of indicator or automated system as market place is driven by people and their emotions. You will have the best chances to answer these questions only if you understand the market nature and its forces.


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