Market Analysis 14-18 May

USD Direction this week: Bullish

Market expectation about USD is positive this week and we could see an uptrend move. Upward movement should be supported by anticipated stronger housing data and concerns about Greece political parties struggling to form government.

Potential currency movers:

Tuesday CPI, retail sales;
Wednesday Industrial production, housing index, building permits;
Thursday FOMC, jobless claims

AUD/USD Direction this week: Bearish

It’s expected to see further falling to the downside of this pair triggered by USD s strengthening influenced by uncertain situation in Europe and furthermore more likely week economic Aussie and Chinese data.

Potential currency movers:

Tuesday RBA minutes;
Friday China property prices;

AUD/JPY Direction this week: Bearish

It’s expected to see further easing to the downside for the same European reasons and anticipated softer Chinese economic data this week.

Potential currency movers:

Thursday GDP;
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