Market Analysis 18-22 June

USD Direction this week: Bullish

It is expected to see uptrend of the currency this week due to broader concerns in Europe and potential delaying of further policy easing. Although Greece is ready to form government there are still significant economical challenges the country is about to face. Banking system in Spain is facing major downgrade problems. EUR rally is unlikely to last and this should reflect positive for the USD currency and support USD Index this week.

Potential currency movers:

Monday G-20 leaders summit;
Tuesday G-20 leaders summit, housing market index, building permits;
Wednesday G-20 leaders summit, FOMC rate decision, jobs claims;
Thursday jobless claims, Bernanke, Lockhart speaks;

AUD/USD Direction this week: Bullish

AUD is back on it’s recovery path and is expected to remain this way in upcoming weeks. it’s anticipated by RBA to postpone further rate cuts which should be very positive for AUD/USD pair.

Potential currency movers:

Tuesday RBA board minutes
Wednesday dwelling starts, Richards speaks;

AUD/JPY Direction this week: Bullish

I expect further strengthening of the pair due to decreased safe-haven JPY demand . The upside trend should remain strong as soon as RBA decline further rate cuts which is very likely to happen this week.

Potential currency movers:

Monday G-20 leaders summit;
Tuesday G-20 leaders summit,
Wednesday G-20 leaders summit, BoJ minutes; Shirakawa speaks,


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