Market Analysis 7-11 May

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       USD Direction this week: Bullish


Market expectation is very positive about currency and outlook is bullish this week. uptrend will be supported by uncertainty about European governments, elections in France and Greece which as a result will be negative to pairs like EUR/USD, EUR/JPY and positive for USD/JPY.

Potential currency movers:

Wednesday wholesale inventories, Pianalto speaks;
Thursday trade balance, jobless claims, Bernenke speaks;
Friday consumer confidence;

AUD/USD Direction this week: Bearish

It’s expected to see further falling to the downside of this pair triggered by USD s strengthening influenced by uncertain situation in Europe.

Potential currency movers:

Monday retail sales, building approvals;
Wednesday trade balance;
Thursday labour force; current account;
Friday CPI,industrial production, retail sales;

AUD/JPY Direction this week: Bearish

It’s expected to see further easing to the downside for the same European reasons and anticipated softer Chinese economic data this week.

Potential currency movers:

Thursday current account
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