What is the best forex trading method in existence

What is the best forex trading method in existence

It’s a silly question really – ‘what is the best trading method?’ – because to each trader and each situation, the answer is going to have a number of different options. There is not simply a single method which constitutes the best trading method, because the fact is there are several out there each as successful as each other in different ways. The secret is sticking to your trading method and planning for the worst. These two points constitute the best trading method around, because they are going to make you a successful trader in the long run. 

Many traders disregard the benefits to be gained from planning for the worst, with the mistaken belief that the best trading methods derive from focussing on the best. Planning for the worst will cover your winning trades and your losing trades. Here’s how.

Why it’s good to plan for the worst

Why plan for the worst? A lot of traders have the potential to do great things with their skill, but are hindered by one major error which renders even the best trading method pointless: planning for the best.

The fact is, we all want the best outcome. You’d be daft not to. But here’s the clincher: If the best outcome falls into place, then providing you’re sticking to your foreign currency trading system then there is nothing you need to do. Why would you make plans based on an eventuality which, if it comes about, would require you to do nothing?

Your best option is to plan for the worst. Nobody wants the worst to happen – and this is what makes planning for the worst so difficult. By planning for the worst, it is almost like allowing yourself to believe that it might happen. But the best trading methods out there always plan for the worst, because it will benefit you as follows:

  • If the best outcome occurs, you’re a winner
  • If the worst outcome occurs, you’re prepared and able to deal with it

But isn’t the best trading method all about numbers, figures and facts?

This fact is absolutely true – but the best trading method is useless if you can’t follow it. If you focus on the winning points and neglect the losing points, it’s those which are going to rise out of the darkness and snap you up when you least expect it – when in reality, you should have expected it, should have anticipated it and should have been equipped and prepared to deal with it.

The wins come from the consistent application of a solid trading system. The success comes from your ability to follow such system. These two points combined make the best trading method any trader could possess.

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