Choose the Best Online Forex Tutorial: FX Academy

There are so many online Forex tutorials these days that it is often difficult to know if you’ve made the right choice. Anyone interested in becoming a successful currency trader must invest his time and sometimes money to learn all there is to know about the Forex markets and how to go about making the best trades.

Many brokers offer their own tutorials on the subject but there are several drawbacks to depending on these types of courses. Brokers are out to make money and by providing potential traders the basic tools for trading, a novice trader will be inclined to open an account with the broker at the end of the course.  Whether intentional or not, a broker’s instructional track is usually not altogether objective and is skewed in the direction the broker wants the trader to take.

In addition, most of the educational material offered by a broker is usually limited in scope. Mostly it boils down to a few videos or textual classes with explanations that can be easily found anywhere on the Internet.

FX Academy, which was launched recently, is a different type of Forex course. Because it was developed and is maintained by, an independent news and broker review service, it is a totally objective and not beholden to any one broker. 

Fx Academy is the first totally interactive Forex curriculum. Its 28 lessons spans topics from the very basics of Forex to the more intricate tools used in Forex technical analysis.

The lessons at FX Academy were conceived by Forex specialists who have years of experience in Forex markets. FX Academy was built with the beginner trader in mind and traders can move along at their own pace in the relaxed, atmosphere of their own home. The first few lessons cover the basic concepts with which every Forex trader should be familiar. The courses advance in order of their complexity and that’s what makes FX Academy suitable both beginning and advanced traders.

Video, Quiz and More Reading

Each lesson comes complete with a delightful animated video, a quiz consisting of about 5 questions each and additional reading suggestions to help the student get a broader picture of the topic being discussed. Some lessons come with trader simulators to make the covered material come alive. In addition, FX Academy has developed its own unique Forex Strategy Simulations, a valuable tool that can assist students in defining their personal trading strategies for the future.

The quiz at the end of each lesson tests the student on what he/she has learned and an award system assigns points to the student for completing each lesson and passing the quiz. These points accumulate and can be used toward certification at the completion of the course.

Member Support

There’s something more to FX Academy than just a bunch of great features. The people behind the scenes are always available to help the student when needed and they can be accessed through Chat, email or phone. FX Academy is also on Facebook and Twitter so it makes it easy to connect.

FX Academy is a total educational experience. And let’s not forgot that FX Academy is completely free. You don’t have to sign up with a broker, there are no hidden charges and the vast amount of information offered is unprecedented in the industry. So if you are looking to start learning about Forex or if you are already involved in trading Forex but need additional instruction to increase your profits, have a look at FX

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