Many times perfect technical setups failed due to important economic events and vice versa. While analysing charts it’s vital to be aware of the fundamental news releases which may destroy most perfect technical patterns and from fundamental stand point it’s important to screen sentimental levels the market may be leaning to in the near future before unfold to the economic forces.

To avoid surprises make sure you stay on top of major fundamental Forex releases by the major institutions.

Initial decision making process in Price Volatility analysis is to create directional bias based firstly upon technical analysis.  Then confirm if that corresponds with current fundamental direction of the market. Screen for entry, based on correlations of technical and fundamental analysis. Going through this process you will quickly determine opportunity and stuck good odds in your favour.

Forex Strategy section is dedicated to most common Price Volatility setups where you can learn how to determine most optimal entries and exits with risk control, based on key market levels.

In this section you can find weekly market analysis of anticipated currency direction which is effect of work based on compilation the major bank’s reports and analysis of economic events in world economies.

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