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    Johnny Tse

    This topic we will discuss current GBP/USD and review active or recently completed trades

    spinnyGBP spinnyGBP

    hi Speaking Forex guys. I’m not much of a speaker – even in real life. but i have been following certain threads here, and i kinda felt an urge to express my frustration and in the process help others to overcome the feeling of being lost in a pile of threads “profitable systems”. It is no secret, Speaking Forex is experiencing “trading systems Price Volatility” and wolfs disguised as sheep and looking for a baby meat. So i thought it could be a good idea to create a thread where you could share tips and tricks that you learned over the years. It would help those who are lost, or perhaps those too lazy to dig the gem out themselves

    I won’t mention any threads, systems, and strategies that i use/trade. Its my personal belief that profitability of a system is subjective and discipline is essential and even with simple tricks one can be profitable by adopting discipline. So i urge you to share only specific SETUPS that you personally TRADED at least over few months (5-6) during real-time market conditions on your real accounts.

    Back testing is not trading. Unless you traded a certain setup on live markets, it doesnt count.
    – If you think that a certain setup is very useful or very profitable or anything remotely similar to that, save it. it doesn’t count.
    – If you have nothing to offer don’t try. its ok just to stay back and look at what others have to offer. That’s what I’ve done until now

    PS: i know the post is a mess – as you can tell i didn’t think the details through, the idea just popped in my mind and i decided to roll with it. for all i know the thread might as well be dead, but hopefully it’ll get the attention of veterans and their valuable input is what is this thread is all about.


Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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