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    Hey all, I consider myself as experienced trader.
    Through these past few years I passed many stages.
    I’ll be honest with you.
    It was heavy sometimes but if you’re willing to learn and persistent, difficulties can be overcomed.
    The purpose of this is to help less experienced traders (if they want) to overcome some of traps on the road to their trading success.
    When I’m talking about success I’m must say that i still didn’t get rich!
    One of my life goals is to become a pro trader and this is probably the beginning of my public elevation!
    All in all you can learn a lot here. I would love that I have had a guide like this at the beginning of my trading, truly!
    I’ll added, prior to the start ,that I’m also a student of economics (last year of studding!! thank god of the whole universe! haha).
    Department of Business Economics, course Banking and Finance.
    As you will see, there will be a lot of my fundamental analysis!(yet I am an economist 😛 ) Central banking policy, economics data, economic indicators etc…
    But I must also emphasize you’re trading fx markets and you must know technical analysis equally well!
    Price action, horizontal support and resistance, trend lines, round number areas and throw in some candle patterns also.
    I welcome any general discussion in regards to trading and any thoughts around price action trading no matter what pair or combination of pairs that you may trade.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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